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Top Flutter Projects For Startups and Enterprises

Trying to find the best Flutter projects for your resume? Or you probably need help with choosing your final year Flutter project? You’ve come to the right place.

Flutter is becoming increasingly popular for its cross-platform compatibility. It is an open-source framework launched by Google that helps build apps for mobile, web and desktop platforms. 

The development of apps for different operating systems may require more work for novices and experienced app developers. In that case, Flutter offers an ideal framework for building scalable, native, and cross-platform apps using a single codebase. 

Flutter is attracting developers from other platforms in a growing number, creating fierce competition. In this field, you will only be able to advance if you have hands-on experience with Flutter and Dart. Most Flutter app development companies prioritize those with projects on their resume. 

Moreover, many students use Flutter for their final-year projects because of its simplicity to learn and implement. So, selecting the right Flutter project is essential for your graduation. 

This article shortlisted the best Flutter project you can add to your portfolio or resume to showcase your app development expertise.

Prerequisite For Starting Flutter Projects

Before we start, let’s look at the technical requirement for building Flutter applications. 

  • The first thing you must do is download and install Flutter
  • Then download and install Android Studio or Visual Studio Code
  • Whatever IDE you choose, install these plugins for your code editors:
    • Flutter and Dart plugins in the case of Android Studio
    • Flutter extension for VS Code

Why Getting the Best Flutter Project Ideas is Tricky?

After covering Flutter fundamentals, building your own project is a good idea to practice what you have learned so far. More importantly, having a practical demonstration of the Flutter skills in a resume increases the likelihood of securing entry-level jobs. 

However, finding the right Flutter project idea to add to your portfolio or resume can take time and effort. 

Most Flutter projects that you find on GitHub or YouTube require a different level of expertise. Building Whatsapp clones requires more than a basic understanding of Flutter’s components. As a beginner, you should target projects that deal with user interfaces. 

Work your way up from basic to intermediate and then advanced projects. This article will cover Flutter project ideas that we have categorized for all these learning stages.

12 Flutter Projects with Source Code

Before getting started with the projects, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of how Flutter works and various concepts related to it. You need to be familiar with Flutter Packages, widgets, building layouts, dependencies, and more. 

Moreover, proficiency in coding makes writing your own code easier than copying it from somewhere. In this way, you know exactly what’s working and what’s not in your project. 

Depending on the levels of skills and complexities, we have selected Flutter projects with source code and categorized them into the following:

Flutter Projects Examples For Beginners

Flutter app ideas for beginners include apps that require fundamental knowledge of Flutter. There is nothing too complex or fancy about these apps. These Flutter projects for beginners with source code offer a good starting point for a novice developer. 


Most programmers have built Todo apps at some point in their careers. It’s a pretty basic and interesting Flutter project for any beginner that you should have on your resume. Building a dynamic Todo app from scratch requires a basic understanding of layouts and widgets. Further, you will use concepts like Flutter state management frameworks, packages, and directories to implement this project. 

Todo apps make it easy to add items to lists, check them off, and more. Building this app will introduce you to several new concepts and how they work. 
You can find many Flutter projects on GitHub with source code for the Todo list app. You can find the source code for this project here.

Calculator App

Even though building a calculator may seem relatively easy, beginners may find it challenging.  Through the development of this application, you will learn about classes like rows and columns, functions in Dart, and conditional statements. You will also implement display widgets, packages, math expression solver, and directories. Get the source code from GitHub. 

Tic Tac Toe Game

Another fun way to implement what you have learned so far in Flutter is to develop a gaming app. You may have played a tic tac toe game before, so how about developing this app? It will help you practice basic app development concepts in Flutter and get accustomed to widgets. For this project, prior knowledge of Swift and Kotlin is compulsory. You will write functions, if-else loops, use builder, and more for this game.   
You can find the source code for this flutter project on GitHub.

Flutter Projects For Intermediates

This section focuses on enhancing the developer skill sets by including projects with higher difficulty levels. Before starting these Flutter projects, you need to be well-versed in concepts like UI designs, widgets, and Bloc architecture.

Habit Tracker

The habit tracker app is designed to track habits and provide information on overall consistency. It also monitors the progress of tasks. For this Flutter project, you need to familiarize yourself with concepts like Path, BezierCurve, RichText, adding dependencies, and other widgets. Here is the code for this Flutter app.

Candy Crush Clone

Having a Candy Crush game clone project on your resume can help you stand out from the rest. This game has a simple interface and involves a lot of coding. 

Developing this Flutter project involves incorporating different algorithms to ensure that it works properly. Also, you will learn how to work with BloC architecture and streams. Further, you will be required to write the algorithms to start, play, and end the game. Functions based on these models will help prevent the game from being played incorrectly.

Here is the code for this app.

E-Commerce App

The experience of building a working E-Commerce app from scratch may enhance your Flutter knowledge and confidence. A variety of methods, classes, and packages are needed for this project. Further, you can also implement verification protocols like OTP to secure sign-in and cash withdrawals. 
Flutter E-commerce source code is available on GitHub.

Netflix Clone

Another Flutter project that you can build is Netflix’s clone. You will be dealing with a responsive app design across multiple screens. By building this app, you will get to know the video player package that will be used to add a video player to your website. You will also learn to utilize responsive and reusable widgets, state management packages, cubits, and more. Overall, you will be exploring a lot in this project that will definitely test your skills and knowledge. Here is the source code for this project.  

Pokedex App

The next Flutter project on this list is building a Pokedex app. This app is perfect for those who want to showcase their animation and UI skills. This app provides detailed information about every Pokemon for every series since its release. So, all you have to do is create a collection of Pokemon using Dart. To complete this project, you should be familiar with the Flutter libraries. Further, you will also be adding animation libraries like Lottie.  

Find the code here

Flutter Projects Ideas For Advanced Levels

These Flutter project ideas are for those who have already mastered complex concepts and have a solid understanding of the Flutter framework. Having these Flutter projects in your portfolio helps you stand out. To build these Flutter project examples, you should be familiar with other languages like Ruby. Further, you will be using APIs in these apps to make them more interactive and useful. 

Stack Overflow App

One of the most popular platforms for programmers and developers, Stack Overflow, can be a good Flutter project idea. You will use stack overflow questions API, flutter bloc, an awesome user interface, and more in this project. 

Here is the source code of this Flutter project on GitHub.  

Podcast Player

How cool would it be to have your own podcast app? You can build this project in Dart by using plugins like Just_Audio, Provider, and webfeed. Further, you will also be integrating search engines into this project. 

Get the source code for the Flutter podcast player app from GitHub. 

TikTok Clone

Here is another Flutter project that can add more value to your skill set and resume. This project has several requirements, including knowledge of Firestore, Firebase, GteX, MVC architecture, HTML, and Ruby.

You can access the source code for this Flutter project on GitHub. 

Flutter Blog App

Building a blog using Cloud Firestore is a great portfolio project. It should be designed in a way that the blog titles are displayed as a listview. When someone clicks the title, they are redirected to the blog content. 

Here is the code. 


The article covered a variety of Flutter projects that anyone with any skill level could build. We categorize each project based on its level of difficulty. You can select these app-building projects depending on your knowledge and get started. We hope this has provided you with a good starting point.

Still, if you feel any difficult while dealing with Flutter app development projects, you can reach out to us or hire Flutter developers to outsource any of your app development project.

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