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change package name flutter
Changing the package name of a Flutter app can be a bit of a tedious …
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change drawerheader height in flutter
You must have seen the slider-like menu that comes out from the left side of …
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snackbar in flutter
Snackbar is a quick piece of information bar that appears briefly at the bottom of …
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show toast message
You must have seen a quick pop-up-like message that appears on the lower portion of …
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no-code app development
As another year begins, digital establishments will likely and surely take on a more advanced …
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cards in flutter
The card widget is a built-in class in Flutter that is used to present content …
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flutter singleton
Flutter singleton is one of the simplest design patterns. This programming technique saves memory and …
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dart enum
Dart has introduced enumerated types in its 1.8 release. Unlike Swift, the dart enum is …
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flutter streambuilder firestore
Flutter StreamBuilder is a widget that allows you to display real-time data within the apps …
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