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Flutter app development has become one of the top trends in the present era. Businesses have realized the potential of having an app developed. With the massive increase in mobile phone users, the opportunity of a mobile app to scale your business has also become higher. Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework launched by Google back in 2018. Both newbies and experienced Android and iOS app developers find this platform reliable and productive. Flutter is the utmost option for developing native applications now. This is because of its high-quality native interface across the platforms. When it comes to cross-platform mobile app development, Flutter brings an extensive range of benefits alongside its reliability. Before further ado, let’s talk more about how to hire flutter developers.

What is a Flutter Developer?

When it comes to mobile app development, Flutter is one of the top platforms that come to mind. The flutter framework is rising, and top flutter app development companies are leveraging this technology to build the best apps for diverse businesses. Owing to this, flutter developers are also in high demand. A flutter developer builds cross-platform apps that seem like native ones. They utilize this technology and build apps for digital platforms like mobile, desktop, web, and windows.

Flutter developers use dart language to write code for building apps that’s why they are also known as Dart developers. As flutter has emerged a couple of years ago, these developers must be familiar with developing apps using other frameworks. Moreover, Flutter developers should have demonstrative graphical skills to create interactive UIs for the users that would increase user retention.

Why Use Flutter For App Development?

Flutter is a great way for a startup to grow their business and widen their consumer base when they don’t have much budget for creating multiple apps. Similarly, developers can build, deploy and release a mobile application on multiple platforms.

Also, you can easily test your minimum viable product (MVP) with Flutter. Interestingly, flutter looks native on all platforms and you can protect your wallet and show investors what you’re working on.

Flutter has prioritized the developer experience which is responsible for the developer to experience a reliable coding process. Ultimately, it will become easier for the developers to meet your goals and build a perfect app.

Following are some of the major aspects due to which flutter is preferred over other development frameworks.

  •  Fast Development Process
  •  Reduced Cost of Development
  •  Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms
  •  More Time to Market the App
  •  Simple & Easy Logic Implementation
  •  Customizable Widgets
  •  Quick Testing using Hot Reload feature

How to Hire Flutter Developers?

how to hire flutter developers

As flutter app development is a hot trend in the present times, it is also becoming challenging to find and hire developers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a shortage of developers or it is rare to find them but it is about finding the right developers for your particular needs.

Flutter is relatively new which makes it hard to find developers who truly know how to work with this platform. There are a couple of options from where you can choose to hire a flutter developer.

1.            Hire Flutter Freelancers

2.            Onboard an In-House Team

3.            Outsourcing Companies

Hire Flutter Freelancers

Hiring a freelance flutter developer is never a wrong decision. If you’ve realized that hiring an in-house developer is going to be too costly and complex, then a freelance flutter developer should be your choice.

Freelance developers are reliable and the first option when it comes to small businesses or startups. It is a cost-effective way to solve your app development problems. This is because you only have to pay them for the number of hours they work. Moreover, you don’t need to pay for their taxes and workspaces. This sounds great as many businesses, especially small companies, and startups, also start with freelancers.

Nowadays, there are lots of freelance platforms that facilitate individuals to provide their services. These freelance platforms have strict rules and regulations for service providers which makes the hiring process secure and less risky. In this way, businesses can outreach and hire the individuals offering the services they need.

Nonetheless, there could be some drawbacks to hiring a freelance flutter developer as well. Freelance developers work in different time zones depending upon the location they are based in. This could create a communication barrier between you and the developers in case you have larger time differences. Moreover, no one can guarantee that the developers could fulfill your job or not. You can indeed have an idea by analyzing the reviews on its profile but it also depends upon the scope of your project. Additionally, there isn’t any opportunity for you to verify if the person you hired is working himself or not.

After all, managing a team of developers could also be a daunting task for you. As the developers work in time zones according to their geographical locations, it can be difficult to manage all operations.

Responsibilities of a Flutter Developer

A flutter developer should be wholesome in handling any app development project from ideation to development. One should not fall into scope creep due to poor project management skills. Let’s have a closer look at the responsibilities of a flutter developer.

  • Make a proper workflow to analyze and understand the scope of the project.
  • The developer should be working with the team in a hand-holding manner.
  • Report to the stakeholder about the progress timely.
  • Fixing any issue/bug caused before the app launch or even after the app launch.
  • Handle the updates and possible security threats.
  • Write the code clean and readable so that it saves time to write and is easy to understand.
  • The flutter developer should be aware of current mobile app development trends to better meet the user’s expectations and the client’s needs.
  • Should be able to meet the deadlines and complete the project in the agreed timeframe.

Onboard an In-house Team

You can hire dedicated professionals after assessing them through interviews and form a team of developers. It is quite an expensive approach for a solution to any of your development-related concerns. An in-house development team works solely under your supervision which increases productivity and transparency of the work process.

You can timely assess the progress of work, communicate readily and coordinate with the team effectively. This also reduces the cost of the development as you hire the developers on agreed terms. There is no chance of facing an increased cost to handle a project. Because the team is responsible to complete the project and rectify any errors caused along the development process.

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However, it can be time-consuming to form a development team as you’ll need to filter the best candidates. All of this hustle involves interviewing candidates, shortlisting them, finalizing the salary package, and then onboarding the selected ones.

There are some drawbacks to hiring an in-house development team as well. You will have to buy hardware and software, pay rent as well as allow paid leaves to the employees. Furthermore, skilled and talented flutter developer salary is usually more than the freelance developers as well as outsourcing companies.

You must be wondering where to hire an in-house development team. Well, that’s not a big deal as well. There are several platforms that are popular for their reliable hiring processes.

Following are some of the apps for hiring an in-house developers team or any individual:

  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • ZipRecruiter
  • DesignRush

It is so simple to outreach potential individuals and offers them jobs using the apps listed above. Just head over to any of these platforms, and post a job describing all your requirements and stuff. Surprisingly, thousands of people will be reaching out to you in a couple of hours.

Outsource to Flutter App Development Companies

Outsourcing is gaining popularity these days as it offers affordable prices along with quality work. Many businesses rely on outsourcing companies to accomplish their goals. You get to work in an organized and professional environment when you opt for an outsource app development company. There are three main engagement models for working with an outsourcing company. These are:

Dedicated Team

In this model, you hire a desired number of developers as a team and pay them on an hourly basis. You have to look at all the managerial concerns and handle the project yourself. The team is only responsible for completing the task assigned to them.

Time & Material

This model is totally based on resources as you have to pay for each part of the completed work. The development team is responsible for the whole project from design to launch. This model makes management and planning more flexible.

Fixed Price

It is a perfect model for startups and the ones willing to have an MVP for their business. You need to clarify your requirements and deadlines first. The outsourcing development team is responsible for all the managerial tasks and accomplishments.

FlutterDesk is the ultimate choice when you decide to hire a flutter developer. As a well-known Flutter app development company, we utilize this iconic cross-platform framework for building highly scalable Android and iOS apps that help you reach your business goals. Depending on your project requirement and scope, you can hire a flutter app maker and make your online presence more dominant.

Our Flutter App Development Services

We create scalable and feature-rich cross-platform apps for iOS and Android with our Flutter application development team. Our dedicated team of flutter developers has helped businesses achieve their goals by developing high-performance, scalable and interactive apps. Besides creating any app from scratch, our result-driven and diversified Flutter app development services comprise:

  • Flutter APP UI/UX Design
  • App Migration to Flutter
  • Custom Flutter App Development
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • Flutter App Consulting
  • Maintenance and Support
Why Hire Flutter Developers from FlutterDesk?

There are several flutter app development companies that maintain a high quality of work. We, at FlutterDesk, ensure not just quality but also post-launch support to make sure you achieve what you paid for. Every project we take on is more of a partnership for us. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.

If you strive to accept the real capabilities of cross-platform mobile app development, you should hire a flutter app developer from FlutterDesk. Our professional developers help us transform the development trends and deliver robust flutter development services to clients in various industries.

Here are some more reasons for hiring our flutter app developers:

One Stop Solution

Got an idea on your mind? Get in touch with us today and our team will be there to turn your ideas into real-world, highly scalable, and intuitive apps. From ideation to development and then publishing, our flutter app development team has got all the expertise in solving all of your tech-related problems.

Flexible Hiring Model

At FlutterDesk, we offer flexibility to our clients to select from different engagement and hiring models rather than working on unwanted, rigid, and strict parameters.

On-Time Delivery

Our team of flutter developers leverages cutting-edge technologies and adopts an agile methodology that helps us deliver our projects on time.

Cost-effective Services

We always value delivering quality services at the minimum budget. Offering an ideal combination of cost-effective rates with amazing quality, we make sure the lowest pricing is our utmost priority.

Maintenance & Support

Unlike other flutter app development companies, we don’t leave working with you until you are no longer facing any issues even after the app launch. Decide to have your app developed and get our reliable maintenance and support teams to assist you during every stage of development and delivery.

What Next?

In the present times, mobile apps are the only way to uplift the growth of your business. There are many ways in which you can unlock the higher potential of your business using a mobile app. Mobile app advertising is one of the ways to generate massive revenues from your app with in-app advertising. If you want to know how much it costs to hire a flutter developer then explore it now!

I hope you find this blog helpful. And you must have understood the approaches we can take to hire a developer. Do comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.

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