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This case study is about the development of a pet app that has exceptional features and all the other options a pet lover could ever ask for. Based globally “Agent Pet” is one of the reputable and devoted apps that offer genuine services for your beloved pets. You’ll find an extensive list of every possible pet available worldwide. This app comprises several choices to choose from. Our app is mainly projected for the “Pet Engage” section where you can look for the appropriate mate for your pet whether they are mammals, reptiles, hamsters, ferrets, mice, iguanas, cows, pigs, or birds.

Agent Pet lets you choose from several available pets online. You can contact directly via phone or email and buy exclusive pets just in a few clicks which saves your time and money for locating and navigating to the pet of your choice.

Client’s Requirements

Being a pet lover, the client reached out to us to build an app that has all the services or the possible products that a pet owner could ever need. A platform where people could easily buy or sell pets, engage their pets, buy accessories or food for them.

The Challenge

 Initially, it seemed like more than an easy task to be done. But it wasn’t. Making separate categories for each type of pet, the mammals, reptiles, animals, etc. was no less than a hectic task. Then managing the selling and buying credentials in order to assure a clean and transparent dealing scenario through demanding medical history, pet breed, behavior traits, etc. 

The Solution

The dedication and determination of our mobile app development team finally resulted in an app that exactly met the client’s requirements and is hitting the peaks in the market – another achievement unlocked.

Following are the features we came up with:

Pet Buy & Sell

People all over the world can easily put their pets to sell and find the pet of their wish. As you click the “Pet Buy/Sell” option, you get to see a list of pets enlisted by the people nearest to you as well as from the other cities. You can also use filters specifying the pet name, color, gender, city, or sort by new to old uploaded posts. Additionally, there is another tab button called “Notify me”. You will be notified every single time someone posts the pet that you put in the details of it. You can set these notifications to daily, weekly or monthly.

Pet Adoption or Mating

Anyone across the world can easily find a pet for mating. Agent Pet lets you choose from several available pets online. Agent Pet has been created with the purpose of providing its customers the ultimate comfort of finding their pet a mate.

In this option, you’ll find the list of all the pets people posted for mating purposes. Find the breed of your pet and contact the customer to reach out and move on. Filter, sort, and notify me options are present there too.

Pet Store

Here you can find all the necessities of your pets including food, accessories, pet bags, trays, pet shampoo, and all products you’ll ever need as a pet owner.
You can add a product to the favorites by pressing the heart button so you don’t have to roam around when you want to buy next time.

Pet Relocation

No goodbyes to your pets when planning to travel abroad. Agent Pet has experience in transporting pets safe and sound. You can go to “Pet Relocation” then put the details, travel itinerary, and pet owner’s details and you’re good to go. The Agent Pet team will contact you and relocate your pet as soon as possible if all the documents are valid.

Pets and Vets

You can easily locate the pet shops as well as the veterinary clinics near you. There’s an option asking to select the city. It will show all the pet shops and vet clinics in your city.

The Results

The efforts and hard work of our worthy mobile app developers speak for themselves. Agent Pet has become the most popular app in the pet app community. People are actively buying, and selling pets and products.
If you’re planning to drive your business through a mobile or a web app then you have just come to the right place. Get in touch and book a free consultation. Our development team would love to work with you to help achieve your goals


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