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Each year, medical students struggle their way through in order to secure maximum marks on the MCAT. But It is obvious that student life is as hard as it is easy. So students set their goals at an early age and try their best to achieve them throughout student life. But here we are, with the MDCAT preparation app, KOTC.

In response to the medical students preparing for the MCAT, and the client came up with the idea of developing an app that is actually a play mode app or you can call it a game. In this app, over 5000 questions related to core medical topics are there to answer. Students do play games on mobile phones as well as on consoles. So why not play in a productive way?

King of the Curves is an MCAT preparation app that lets the students play in different styles and answer medical-related questions and compete with each other on the leaderboards.

The Challenge

The client reached out to us, being unsatisfied with the app’s features and playing modes. This was a semi-developed app and we were asked to make it to the final form for iOS and Android having interesting modes for the students.
Formerly, the multiplayer mode was much more complex but Our development team invested much time making a strategy to adorn the app keeping the student’s desires and needs in mind, and came up with the features discussed below.

By the way, it is appealing to be mentioned that this app’s idea originated from the client himself who scored in the 99th percentile of MCAT test takers. So it will not be wrong to say that this app is worth it for the students preparing for MCAT.

Features We Came Up With

Question of the Day

Because as you launch the KOTC app, an instant screen appears saying “Question of the day”. You have to answer that question, and if you gave the right answer it will add a point to the streak count but if not, don’t worry, we have other modes for you to play study games 😉

Single Player

As you enter the “Single Player” mode, a few interesting modes are present there. Namely Endless mode, Timed Mode, Review Mode, Adaptive QBank, Boolean Blitz, and Quiz Game Mode. Let’s have a quick introduction to all of these.

● Endless Mode

Test your knowledge by answering never-ending questions. In this mode, you’ll be allowed to answer randomly appearing medical-related questions having no time limit and you can only stop the game by pressing the “End Round” button present on the top right of the screen.

When you end the round then head over to the leaderboard and see who is topping. Show the world, you’re number 1.

● Timed Mode

And In this mode, you’re allowed to answer the questions as much as you can in a timeframe of 60secs. There’s an option in the KOTC app to choose the category of questions to answer. This perk can be availed by upgrading to premium having a couple of affordable packages for you. But If you find the questions hard, don’t worry, there’s an option, “Past Games” that lets you play the most recent game you played. Prepare thoroughly and secure the highest score.

● Adaptive Qbank

This is the most comprehensive way to play with MCAT questions. So You can examine yourself based on the stats shown here in this option. The stats show your respective subject’s percentage. The more the percentage, the more you’re good in that subject. The “Past Game” option is also there in case, you know what that is for!

You can select the category, type of questions, and difficulty level in this mode.

● Review Mode

And In this mode, you can bookmark the specific questions you want to answer later. It is perfect for you not to let a single question be answered obscurely.   

● Boolean Blitz Mode

This mode is kind of inspired by Snapchat. You have unlimited time to answer the True/False questions. Each correct answer adds a streak to the streak count that shows on the top of the screen. So Push your limits and try to make a longer streak of competing with the students on the leaderboard.

● Quiz Game Mode

In this mode, you can manually add questions and make a quiz on your desired topic. So prepare for the quiz and aim to secure full marks in it. Create a question paper yourself. and be your own teacher.


● Random Opponent

Match with a random person and answer the questions that appear in the KOTC app. Answer 3 consecutive questions and compete to get a badge giving the correct answer to a question on a specific topic (badge). and If you fail to answer 3 questions consecutively, your opponent will get to play now and you have to wait for your turn. The first one to complete 6 badges will win the round. It is going to be a tense situation!!!

● Matches

This option shows the active matches which you left unfinished and challenge requests sent by any of your friends or any individual.

● Friends

This is the most demanding and interactive mode of the game in the KOTC. So Add your friends and invite them to prepare alongside and have fun too.


In this option inside the KOTC app, you’ll find the hell of a competition between the students competing worldwide. Turn the “Institutional Leaderboard” on and see which university students are topping. Try to make your institute on top.

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