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Skoomin App – Mobile App Case Study


It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher, student, Principal, mayor, or any individual; your morality should remain the same to prove yourself a responsible and sensible person in society. No one likes to be harassed, bullied, or hurt in any way. Many such cases go unreported due to people having a fear of getting caught. There should be a platform where students could report when getting harassed or bullied. SKOOMIN App is an anonymous reporting system that allows students to report anonymously.

Owing to this, our client came up with the idea to build an app that helps students to stand out and report such harassment cases anonymously. It will maintain a safe school environment empowering students to speak up and get justice. After a successful in-house meeting between our development team, UI/UX team, and the project manager, we finally decided to develop the app fulfilling all the needs and expectations of our client.


Before developing the app, there were some hurdles, like how we connect the students and the Principal. Should we reveal the information of the students? How can students know the status of their complaints?

After going through all of these areas, our development team finally developed the app that pleased the client and the school’s administration departments.

The Solution

Before reaching out to SparkoSol, the client struggled to find a development company that could turn his broadened idea into an app and should also be admired by educational institutes. 

With vast experience in mobile app development, we help enterprises and startups run their business with a mobile apps. We had a few suggestions for the client, which he accepted happily, and it turned out to be a successful app development.

App Features

Easy Sign in/up

  • Both students and the Principal can sign in from the same application. To sign in, both students and the Principal should have a valid username and password. 
  • The username and password remain valid while the school has an active contract with SKOOMIN.  
  • The sign-up option is available only for students. 
  • Students should select their country, state, city, and then school to sign-up. 
  • Then the student will enter a valid school code. This school code will ensure that the student is currently registered at the school.

Reporting Screen

The home screen contains 3 tabbed navigation buttons: Reports, Resolved, and Notifications.


It shows all the latest and unresolved reports.


All the resolved reports of the student are present in this tab.


All the notifications sent by the Principal are present in this tab. No matter how old it gets, it will remain in the notification tab.

Report Submission System

It takes only one minute to submit the report. To submit a report, press the “+” button on the home page, add the report title, enter report details, and select the report type. You can also add images if you want. After that, click the submit button, and the report will be submitted.

Students Registration

To register, the students have to fill out the registration form giving the correct information. 

Students have to enter their username and password. 

If the school has issued a Student ID number, then students will enter that Student ID number. 

If schools do not provide any Student ID number, students can simply type 0000 as his/her Student ID number.

skoomin flutter app UI

Live Chat Feature

SKOOMIN offers LIVE communication between the students and their Principal for real-time problem-solving. Both students and the Principal can send and receive messages from each other.

Instant Notifications

The Principal can send instant notifications to the students and teachers 

Ex. during a lockdown on school property or a reminder about exams or upcoming events. 

SKOOMIN allows the Principal to send notifications directly to the students. 

The Principal types the title and details of notifications and then enters a valid password to send notifications.

All previous notifications sent by the Principal remain saved on the app.

Follow-up Reports

Follow-up Reports are an option that allows the Principal the ability to mark a report as a resolved report. 

They can write details about the follow-up, add pictures, or add other comments related to the resolved report. 

After that, the report will move to the resolved report section.

Wrapping Up

We continue to develop full-stack apps and help our clients reach their future goals. If you’re looking for an app development company to develop your app or already have your app developed and want to adorn it in terms of performance and features, our Flutter mobile and web app development team would love to work for you.

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