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How to Outsource Flutter App Development Project

These days, Flutter has transformed the era of mobile application development. Businesses are choosing the flutter framework over any other platform available in the market. Similarly, on the other hand, developers readily choose flutter for cross-platform app development.

This is because flutter has many cutting-edge advantages to go for. Due to its single codebase system, developers can easily shift to any other platform without making any changes to the code or. You can even ask for code review services in case you need any help regarding changes and you are  a newbie. 

Flutter is relatively newer in the market and it is hard to find the right development talent or skillful individuals. This is one of the challenges that one could face while going to choose flutter for the app development project.

When you hire flutter app developers, you aim to select the one who can add value to your product. In this blog, we are going to get to know how to outsource flutter app development services or projects.

Before we go for the final decision, let’s take a look at the services available for flutter app development projects.

Flutter App Development Services

When it comes to hiring Flutter development work for your project, you have two options. Hire a flutter freelancer or an outsourced flutter development service. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss and analyze both options further. 

There are a few responsibilities that link with Flutter development. Flutter developers are not only to build flutter applications but also to provide post-app maintenance services to clients. Following are some of the other responsibilities of a flutter app development company.

  • To write clean and concise code in Flutter as well as review it.
  • Fixing bugs and other issues in the application.
  • Manage and assist in the app development lifecycle.
  • Researching new Flutter libraries and tools and keeping up-to-date.
  • To give optimized applications to the clients.

You can either hire a Flutter freelancer who works on the project independently or an outsourced Flutter development team. Your choice to decide on one option defines the future of your business.

Let’s rush towards the advantages and disadvantages of both options for outsourcing flutter app development.

Freelancer as Flutter Developer

A freelancer is an individual having extensive knowledge of a particular field just like flutter development. You can hire a freelance flutter developer to outsource your app development project. A flutter freelancer also possesses expertise in different other technologies used while developing a flutter app.

Advantages of Hiring Freelance Developers
  • They will dedicate their full time to your project.
  • Freelance developers can bring a high-quality end-product in a short period.
  • Risk minimization is another benefit because of secured freelance platforms.
Disadvantages of Hiring Freelance Flutter Developers
  • It would be difficult to find a perfect fit for the exact role you want to fill.
  • You may not be sure of the ability of the developers to meet your requirements.
  • There could be a communication barrier between you and the freelance flutter developer.
  • Time zones might not be the same which would result in an ineffective work environment.

Choosing Outsourcing Flutter App Development Project

       If choosing a freelance flutter developer is not a convenient or reliable option for you, hiring a flutter app development team is your right choice.

Although freelance developers are usually reliable in financial ways they can’t guarantee quality work. On the other hand, a flutter app development company would have a demonstrated work portfolio and there are certain policies to start the project with a company. Outsourcing your project means you are going to have a partnership with a development company signing a contract. The contract will have agreed-on requirements, specified goals, a decided timeframe, and budget estimation.

Advantages of Outsourcing Flutter App Development

  • You will get a whole team of dedicated professionals having members for different roles ranging from ideation to app launch.
  • You can modify the team according to your needs. Suppose, you already have a QA tester or a project manager, you can skip these two roles while hiring the outsource flutter app, development team.
  • The flexibility of hiring a team would benefit you in hiring the required team members rather than the whole team.
  • App development teams would open growth opportunities for your application by leveraging their years of experience in the market.
  • You can schedule regular meetings to account for the progress of your project.

Drawbacks of Outsourcing Flutter App Development

  • Loss of control might be one of the major drawbacks of hiring an outsourced flutter app development team.
  • Maintaining a constant link with an outsourced team will always be difficult.
  • Having different time zone, conflicting schedules and multiple team member can be a barrier between the client and the development team.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Outsourcing an App Development Project

Poor Research

When you decide to outsource your app development project, you need to choose the right partner. For that purpose, you have to conduct extensive research about finding the development partner which perfectly aligns with your needs. You might face scope creep during your project if you don’t conduct proper research on making the right decision.

Lack of Proper Planning

In addition to conducting thorough research, you need to make a proper project plan with the development team. You should be on the same page with the team working on a certain plan. The client and the development team should agree on a proper plan of action. This employs a transparent workflow environment.

Not Providing Clear Requirements

When you’re done choosing and hiring an outsourced flutter development team, it’s time to present your requirements to the team. Not providing clear requirements is the major reason behind a project falling into scope creep. You have to put all the requirements and the development team should agree upon them.

Insufficient App Testing

App testing is one of the major parts while developing an app. You need to validate what you’ve put in. Extensive app testing could result in a minimized risk of bugs or ultimately, app failure.

Not Getting Post-Launch Support

Any of the app development team has a core responsibility to provide post-launch support to the clients. As the client can’t handle the consequences which could cause after launching the app. The outsourced app development team should solely provide post-launch support to the clients.

Where to Outsource Flutter App Development Projects?

          If you’re looking for an outsourced flutter app development company, you might want to hire the one having less cost for building apps without compromising on quality, right?

So, when we look forward, we need to find out what countries have the best developer talent. Some of the major countries that offer top app development services are the USA, Poland, Ukraine Argentina, Pakistan, India, and a few others.

All of these countries are well known for their proven potential in IT services. But Pakistan is considered to be one of the best countries to provide top-notch App development services.

There are several valid reasons which make this country a top contender in this field. Some of these are discussed below.


According to general analysis, Pakistan is one of the top 10 cheapest countries to live in the world. This validates the fact that the professionals providing IT services have less cost of development. It is not always true that lower cost means lower quality. Top app development companies in Pakistan make sure that your money is fully utilized for the project to meet your goals effectively and efficiently.

Hourly Rate

As in online work, mostly you have to hire individuals or a team paid on an hourly basis. And whenever you consult developers or a company from countries like the USA, Poland, etc. you get hourly rates ranging from $80-150. While, on the other hand, development companies in Pakistan merely cost you hourly rates between $20 to $40. This has a major impact on long-term projects.

Highly Qualified Developers

You will find highly qualified developers in this country striving to deliver high-quality and responsive apps across the world. You will find plenty of developers mastering their respective fields of expertise.

Want to Hire Flutter Developers?

If you’re looking for a flutter developer or want to outsource a flutter app development project, then FlutterDesk is your right choice. We use the latest development frameworks and follow the updated trends to deliver the best user-end experience.

Why FlutterDesk?

Having 5 years of extensive experience developing mobile, web, and desktop apps for a variety of businesses, we have got every solution to your complex problems. From ideation to deployment and then launch of your app, FlutterDesk will be the reason behind your success.

Hiring FlutterDesk as an outsource flutter app development company, you’re going to have an efficient development experience because we have:

  • Experienced Professionals

FlutterDesk core team has experience and knowledge working with major brands.

  • Core Competency

We specialize in crowdsourcing platforms, on-demand, and e-commerce applications.

  • Personal Care

Every project is not just a project but a partnership for us. Our founders focus on hand-holding clients and providing personal care to their problems, guiding them to the best feasible solution.

  • Flexible Working Hours

We are available even at unconventional hours in different time zones. We also provide a free project coordinator with dedicated resources.

  • Cutting-edge Strategies

Our cutting-edge strategies enable us to deliver breakthrough innovations and world-class services within the provided deadlines and at reasonable costs.

  • Agile Methodology

Our well-defined process works in parallel to the agile model allowing a near-perfect customer experience.

  • Secured and Confidential

We understand the importance of data security hence every member working on your project is abide by NDA. Your data remains in safe hands.

  • Quality Assurance     

Our QA team constantly updates their use cases so we can eliminate even the smallest of bugs. We try our best to deliver bug-free solutions.  


Finally, after all of the debate, you need to keep these things in mind before you outsource any flutter app development project. You need to agree on a few things that both of the participants in the project should be working on the same page. This means the developers won’t be working for you, but they will be working with you.

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