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Is Flutter Good For Web Development?

Is Flutter Good For Web Development?

In the digital world, flutter is getting increasing attention in the developer community for several reasons. Where it facilitates building cross-platform compatible applications from a single code, it is the robust most framework developers can ever rely on. Initially, where it was known for natively compiled mobile app development, it has now expanded its reach to web development. 

But is Flutter good for net development? Well, it depends on numerous elements, In this weblog, we are able to explore what makes Flutter for Web a notable alternative and the way it stacks up in developing visually appealing web applications. We will even discover in detail the talents and limitations of Flutter inside the net community.

Is Flutter Web Production Ready? 

Undoubtedly, after achieving the seemingly impossible in mobile app development, flutter can now design web applications. The Flutter framework is solid enough that it can be used in many projects with the same look and feel across all platforms. However, some limitations still exist for example for advanced web applications like detailed web content handling which may rely on more advanced browser APIs.

If you are making a simple website only then flutter’s appropriateness cannot be taken away easily.

Is Flutter Web Stable?

Yes, it was announced in March 2021 by Google that Flutter is fully web-stable. Now you can enjoy the unlimited features of Flutter on multiple commercial projects. Now, developers can compile existing Dart code into a web product – using the same Flutter framework they use in developing cross-platform mobile apps

Features of Flutter 

Hot Reload 

Flutter’s web performance is outstanding. With its hot reload feature, now you can enjoy real-time code changes without reloading the web application. This feature facilitates quick iteration and immediate feedback. It means with Flutter web app development becomes super fast. 

Cross-Platform App Development

Gone are the days when you have to write multiple clean codes to run a single application on multiple platforms. Your app can run on any platform (Android, iOS, Web, Desktop) with a single codebase using Flutter.  This will ensure a standardized user experience across various platforms as well as saving the developer’s time.

Customizable Widget Library 

Flutter offers an extensive library of customizable widgets. With this library, you do not have to waste in creating everything from scratch hence saving development time. These widgets follow the platform-specific design guidelines, making the apps feel native on every platform.

Now with Flutter your layout, navigation, animation, and gestures are just a single click away. 

Fast Performance 

Flutter apps have fast, seamless flutter web performance because they are built straight to native ARM code, doing away with the requirement for a JavaScript bridge. For online applications that need to be responsive and load quickly, this is essential.

Strong Community And Ecosystem 

Flutter has a huge and expanding active community.  Developers have access to libraries, resources, widgets, and packages from this vast ecosystem that provide easy answers to common limitations and complexities. 

Benefits of Using Flutter for Web Applications

Flutter offers a unique set of strengths in web app development. Here are the benefits: 

  • Advanced UI Capabilities: The flutter library for widgets is very wide hence enables developers to create complex UI/UX designs.  It allows for custom-made brand-fitting user interfaces. As an app-focused framework, flutter is ideal for developing single-page apps or progressive web apps.
  • Rapid Development Cycle:  since it is built with Dart, it makes the web app development process easy and intuitive. In addition to this, its hot reload features also make the debugging and iteration so smooth which makes the development process more efficient thus reducing the development time. 
  • Simplified Maintenance Process: Since Flutter net apps are constructed on a single code base, it makes app protection clean and quick. One single exchange to update or debug is enforced on all of the platforms. 
  • Accessibility and Localization: The framework is designed with international and inclusive accessibility, supporting more than one language and accessibility functions like screen readers.
  • Easy scaling and cost-efficiency: Growing your user base is no problem when scaling your web apps using Flutter. The improvements may be applied to all platforms by just changing a single code. Updates to the app are simple and quick to complete because of this cohesive approach. Furthermore, because of its many features—such as a single code base, cross-functionality, and a large widget library—it is also economical to develop an app with fewer resources.  

Limitations of Flutter for Web App Development

    1. Large File Size: Flutter web app file size tends to be larger than its traditional counterparts like React Native and Angular. Due to this reason, your web app might take a long to load in case of poor internet availability. 
    2. SEO Limitations: The Flutter framework is not SEO-compatible. Flutter Web puts consistency, fidelity, and performance first. This indicates that the output of the application is not in line with what search engines require to effectively index. As with flutter.dev, dart.dev, and pub.dev, we advise utilizing HTML for static or document-like online content. It is advisable to segregate your Flutter-created main application experience from your search-engine-optimized HTML landing page, marketing materials, and support pages.
    3. Poor Performance on Old Browsers: Flutter web performance shows a spike in modern browsers but it depicts a slight decline in old browsers. For this cross broswer compatability testing is a must. 
  • Difficulty Handling Dynamic Content: Flutter faces difficulties in managing the content of dynamic nature which is most of the time case for modern browsers. 


Considering all the above-mentioned features of Flutter for web development,  flutter is believed to be a strong contender for both web and mobile app development.  Its SDK, Dart integration and aforementioned features have made the process of debugging and maintenance easy and seamless. 

If you want to get your web app ready, get a quote for your dream app by hiring a web app developer. We will not only help you build your dream app but will also ensure it remains relevant to all times no matter what technological age you live in your app will have all the features to scale up whenever needed. 

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