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Woody Mobile Service is a car maintenance app. That offers online booking to car owners ensuring safe and reliable vehicle servicing. People have a lot of things to do in daily life. Dealing with other stuff doesn’t save any time for car owners to service their vehicles.

“Busy car owners forget car maintenance which decreases the value and safety of their car”.

Identifying this basic, need of a normal person owning a car, our client required us to build an app. That would offer car maintenance services at the doorstep. and the dealership as well, depending upon the consumer’s comfort. Our Flutter app development company looked deep into this and found several pain points and necessary actions to be taken while building this app.

The Problem

To reduce human efforts, save time, and provide an advanced and reliable car maintenance service. Platforms were the major concern for building this woody mobile app.

Identifying human needs is the best way to cope with their problems. Moreover, after doing thorough research, we came to an observation of that vehicle. Owners have issues with ordinary irregular maintenance processes, bills management, maintenance histories, etc.

Prior to the development process following were some of our main goals to achieve:

  • Customer Retention
  • Market Differentiation
  • Brand Trust/Loyalty

The Solution

Taking into account all the primary and the basic needs of car owners. Therefore we came up with the development of an app called “Woody Mobile Service” providing a reliable. And advanced car service experience.

After going through the easy installation and setting up method. The user gets a home page in front have access to the following features

The features include:

Check Appointment Availability

 You can easily check the appointment availability according to your time preferences because it has flexible timeframes for service offerings. Select the appointment time, put details (your name, appointment type, preferred date, and more relevant information). Atter that, just book the appointment. Thus, the admin panel will approve, decline, reschedule or check the details given by the user.
User can call the service team easily if he/she has any queries about appointments, dealership, or any other concerns. Easy and reliable car maintenance is at your doorstep.

Appointment Type

You can avail of the car services being at your home or by coming to our dealership. By scheduling a drop-off time.

Mobile Service 

With this option, you can avail of the mobile app service at your doorstep also. You just have to put service type, your vehicle name, a description of your issue, preferred date & time. Your complete address with city, state, and zip code. Then our service team will reach out to you after approving your appointment. 


Still, if you want to drop your vehicle off at our dealership? That’s another way to avail your car service. Just add the details regarding service type, your vehicle. A little description of your issue, preferred time & date and that’s it. Then submit the appointment request and wait for the verification from the admin panel.

Track Your Appointments

You can also add multiple vehicles and manage all your upcoming appointments here. So, you can see a list of all your appointment status here, either as approved, rejected, or rescheduled. Therefore, check the status of your appointments and avail of reliable maintenance services at your maximum comfort.


That was pretty much it to describe the efforts and the expertise of our development team for this particular app. If you’re willing to get your app developed or struggling with idea generation to run your business through mobile or web apps, then do get in touch with us.

Take a step forward and book a free consultation. Therefore, our mobile and web app development team would love to help you accomplish your goals.       

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