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April 12, 2022

Top 8 Powerful Strategies for Mobile App Marketing

With an increased number of available apps on app stores, a distinct way to reach the maximum potential of your app in the market is app marketing. App stores receive thousands of app submissions daily. There are several strategies or approaches for an app to be successful in the market. But mobile app marketing is the best among them all. What is Mobile App Marketing? Mobile app marketing is a plan to be strategized before and after the app’s launch. It covers every interaction of the user from the first time they ever came across your app to the time they become your loyal consumers. Mobile app marketing is all about targeting your desired audience, finding out how to communicate with them, and finding out about their feedback after using your app. Ultimately, it is not only about finding the users that ensure maximum engagement but also the user who becomes a loyal promoter or supporter of your app. Why Mobile App Marketing is Important for its Success? The scope of mobile app marketing is broad. Let’s put an example to let you know how important it is to market your app. Suppose, you built an app that offers booking hotels in certain cities. The app has a beautiful user interface and it is working smoothly. It has all the benefits that a consumer would want to have. But wait! How are you going to be visible or even stand out in the sea of already existing apps? This is where app marketing steps in. Mobile app development companies strive to deliver apps meeting all the needs of the consumer as well as the clients. App marketing has become the most prominent and efficient way of making a successful app launch or even sustaining an already existing app. Interestingly, enterprises have realized that the only way to stand out in the competitive market is by making a proper marketing plan for your app. Best Marketing Strategies for Your Mobile Apps App Stores Optimization Just like search engine optimization, app store optimization plays a vital role in ranking your app higher. It increases the visibility of your app in the app stores by embedding keywords to your app details on the app store or play store. This is one of the most effective ways to rank your app higher and increase the number of downloads. Similarly, retention of the users is another concern when you have made sure of the download of the user. Also, screenshots and precise video representation are mandatory for app store optimization. This will result in more user interaction and ultimately conversion chances are increased. Running Paid Campaigns Running paid ads is the practice of bringing new users to your app. This strategy requires you to set up campaigns properly and adjust your ad spend over a defined period for the best results. It’s important to know the users you want to attract and the in-app actions you want them to perform. All you need is to use platforms like Google search ads, LinkedIn, etc. for advertising. LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most powerful platform to create brand awareness and reach your targeted customers easily. Moreover, running ads on Facebook is also another effective way to market your app. You can find a lot of targeted customers through running ads on Facebook if you perform social listening well. It is a must. Jumping into a platform requires evaluation of the audiences and searching exactly where you can find your targeted consumers. Social Media Setups According to Statista, people on average spend 1 hour and 45 minutes daily on social media. This is a significant period for every business owner to advertise the app successfully. Fortunately, social media is the best platform to market or advertise your app. This is obvious as you’ll need to post content regularly on your social media pages related to your product. This will create brand awareness and increase the discovery of your app. Unleashing your app’s features, valuing the audience’s feedback, and posting what they insist to know about are some of the major practices to be done. Social media advertising is a much promising and reliable way to market your app. Facebook ads are the most effective ones among all. The content for your social media channels should be blog posts, competitor’s discussions, user-generated content, etc. Be very active on your social media profiles. But, more importantly, create profiles across all the popular social media sites, including a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram page, and YouTube channel. Once the profiles are set up, make sure to invite everyone you know to like them as it is a common practice done on social media. It’s worth noting that these social profiles should be live and buzzing with activity at least one month before the release date. This will give you plenty of time to build a community, generate pizzazz, and get people talking about your product before it hits the mobile app market. Email Marketing Almost 99% of internet users check their emails daily. This is a huge way of interfering with their daily routine by sending them interesting emails that hook them to read your emails too. That will bring more expansion to your marketing efforts. Introduce your app through copywriting emails and try to create the hype before the launch or hook them to download your app after the app has been launched. Email marketing software for your mobile app is the best, most effective, and most distinct way to stand out in the market. It’s common practice that mobile apps struggle to retain users, with average 30-day mobile retention rates as low as 2-5 percent in certain industries, and the average global 30 days app uninstall rate is high up to 28 percent. Influencer Marketing The global influencer market has doubled its value since 2019, making the mark of around 13.8 billion U.S. dollars as of 2021. This portrays the tremendous potential of influencer marketing. With an exponential increase in social media

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How to Add a Border to a Container in Flutter

During flutter app development, you have to use a lot of widgets. These widgets could be text, row, columns, stack, and containers. Sometimes you might need to add a border to a container widget to create a UI box like a button, key, or card. In this practical guide, we are going to learn how to add a border to a container in Flutter. Related Post – Flutter Conditional Show Widgets You can simply add borders to container flutter by applying the BoxDecoration class. I will be giving you an example with a code to add borders to containers in Flutter. Moreover, you can change the border’s width, height, color, or radius. You can also add a border to only one or more than one side of the container. Such as only the left side of the container or only the top and bottom of the container etc. Add Border to Containers in Flutter To add a border to a container in flutter is not a big deal. You just need to wrap a widget in a container and add BoxDecoration class to it as in the code below. As you can see there are some defined parameters like width, height, and colors. You can change the values of these parameters and put them according to your needs. Related Post – animatedcontainer drawer flutter Add Border to Specific Sides of Container in Flutter As discussed earlier, you can add borders to specific sides of a container in Flutter. You just need to specify the side to which you want to add borders and the rest of the code will be the same as above. You can also use the code given below to add a border to a specific side of a container. Add Borders to Symmetrical Sides of a Container You can also add borders to the symmetrical side of a container. The side may be symmetrical vertically or horizontally. Use the code given below to add a border to the symmetrical side of a container. Conclusion In this blog, we have learned how to add a border to a container in Flutter. We’ve also learned how to add borders to one side or more than one side of a container in Flutter. Hopefully, this helps you out with adding borders to a container in Flutter. Also leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or questions to ask. FlutterDesk always inspires Flutter enthusiasts to learn Flutter App Development and help individuals in every way possible.

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Mobile Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that the number of smartphone users in the world is projected to reach 5,575 million by 2025? However, smartphone users have already surpassed the number of desktop users a long time ago. In this Mobile Affiliate Marketing guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about mobile affiliate marketing. With an immense increase in mobile phone users, the marketing realm has taken a drastic shift towards advertising through digital means. These digital means could be social media, websites, online events, or any source of online advertising. This massive traffic also means a greater opportunity for affiliate marketers to make money by sending traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales of the product or offers. Before we get into the details of how you can start your own mobile affiliate marketing business, let’s get to know this marketing tactic properly. What is Mobile Affiliate Marketing? As smartphone usage has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, the potential to reach a targeted audience has also increased. Mobile Affiliate Marketer is one who promotes the services or the products of a stakeholder or a service provider in exchange for a cut. The basic purpose of Mobile Affiliate Marketing is to promote the product or services of someone, targeting its potential audience. Although affiliate marketing ads can be viewed through mobile and desktop platforms, the sole purpose of mobile affiliate marketing is to target smartphone users and urge them to convert. In other words, it’s an agreement between someone who wants to sell something and the one willing to promote that product. Mobile affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular in the age of social media. Additionally, many large corporations now rely heavily on top influencers in their industry to promote their products or services. Unfortunately, it has become challenging to find affiliates. But that’s not the only thing to worry about. In this dynamic digital era, you’ll likely find an individual who better fits your particular needs and agrees on mutual terms. Benefits of Mobile Affiliate Marketing Broader Targeting Capacity It is common thing for a marketer to know the fact that targeted offers perform better. Mobile affiliate marketers can leverage advanced targeting opportunities based on location. You can consider geofencing, for instance. It is a highly effective way to target customers with offers based on their location and in real time. US supermarket chain Whole Foods, for example, has geofences all around their stores that target known customers with personalized offers whenever they enter the vicinity. Interestingly, Whole Foods has also set up geofences around their competitors’ stores as well. This incentivizes their competitors’ customers to choose to shop at a nearby Whole Foods store instead. Owing to this, it’s clear that there is a broader targeting capacity for affiliate marketers. Quick Conversion Ability Most affiliate offers to lead to a direct purchase on the company’s website. Nowadays, people can buy almost everything on their phones within seconds. The buying process using a smartphone is quite simple, fast, and straightforward. Online shopping is evolving and becoming more common day by day. Massive Outcomes As mobile traffic is growing much faster than desktop traffic, there is a high chance that mobile marketing skyrockets its potential. This massive growth in the mobile market creates an opportunity for the marketer to generate more leads, sales, and traffic. Customized Approach In addition to a broader reach to the audience and a quick purchasing cycle, mobile affiliate marketing has the advantage of being more personal. You can outreach to potential customers in a way that they feel it’s made for them. It is best practice to craft an ad copy that perfectly aligns with the type of product/service and the nature of the targeted audience. Although some of the customers are not immune to having their data tracked and gathered. But most still prefer content and ads tailored to their interests. Top 6 Tips For Mobile Affiliate Marketing Find A Way To Start It is most important to make a pathway and develop a strategy before starting any mobile affiliate marketing campaign. This step involves finding a large traffic source and setting your goals, analyzing the needs of the client. This will create better opportunities for affiliate marketers to achieve higher conversion rates and build a better relationship with the audience. Moreover, it will help you prioritize the growth of the right channels and promote the exact content in mobile affiliate marketing. Optimize Websites For Mobile Phones As you are going to reach your potential customers through mobile devices, you have to optimize the website on which you’re running campaigns. This is because our audience is more likely to consume our content on their phones rather than on desktops. So you must not let the visitors wait for the website to respond and will perform any action. It’s completely going to blow your leads away. Optimizing your website includes improving its responsiveness and speeding up its loading time. Leverage Social Media Channels It is the most basic approach for an advertising company to have its social media handles maintained. You’ll not see an advertising company not having any social media presence but getting a lot of leads. This is because social media platforms have gained the trust and loyalty of users to make certain actions like purchasing an item, subscribing to any offer, etc. Social media handles have a vital role in portraying the authenticity of a brand. It results in increased conversions, better lead generation, and traffic boosts as well. Stand Out From Others It doesn’t matter in what niche you are going to launch the campaign. You must have come across some real competition. You need to find a unique selling point from your competitors so that it adds value to the product or services that you’re promoting. Create Catchy Visuals The graphical approach to any advertisement plays an important role in defining its performance. People usually get more attracted to visuals rather than textual content. Creating an ad

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