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Flutter Apps Examples: Top Apps Made with Flutter Framework

Flutter, the wonder Google toolkit, is the most preferred mobile app and web app development tool. With the single codebase, you can have your Desktop, Mobile, Web or embedded device application ready within a blink. This is one sole reason Flutter has become app builders’ to-go tool. 

Flutter’s cross-platform feature has made it outperform its competitor i.e. React Native. According to a recent Google report, about 100,000 Flutter apps have been made. Flutter library offers many application templates for e-commerce, healthcare, education, finance, gaming, or medical-based applications. Developers use these templates to create highly interactive and customizable user interfaces instead of beginning from scratch. 

This post will teach us how the Flutter framework works for Flutter app designs.  

Flutter Framework

Flutter is the open-source Google UI framework that helps developers to create native applications with a single code. Flutter framework is a combination of Flutter SDK and UI widget library. With this framework, you can make highly scalable applications capable of running on multiple platforms without the hassle of writing specific code for each platform. 

The Flutter UI library offers enriching features, components, and widgets like buttons, sliders, and many other things responsible for app aesthetics. The Flutter framework utilizes Dart programming language with a syntax like javascript that compiles native ARM for mobile devices. 

Other two main component that, together with the Flutter framework, forms the complete Flutter architecture: 

Flutter App Design

Flutter app design opens the door to revolutionary, flexible, and aesthetically attractive digital experiences, whether you’re a developer striving for native-like app experiences or a corporation looking for efficient cross-platform solutions.

Its revolutionary widget-based architecture allows the development of aesthetically appealing user interfaces, from minimalist buttons to complex animations, while conforming to the aesthetic standards of each supported platform. The ‘hot reload’ feature in Flutter allows developers to see changes as they are made, allowing for quick revisions. This declarative UI method simplifies programming and guarantees a uniform user interface regardless of the device used. 

Why Are Companies Choosing Flutter For Mobile App Development 2023?

flutter app examples

There are several reasons which make developers to opt for Flutter for mobile application development: 

  1. Cross-platform compatibility
  2. Faster development cycles
  3. Unified codebase
  4. Expressive UI through widgets
  5. Native-like performance
  6. Hot Reload for instant changes
  7. Access to device features
  8. Growing developer community
  9. Strong Google backing
  10. Web and desktop expansion

Flutter App Examples

Flutter Healthcare App

Usually, healthcare apps built with Flutter are made highly responsive since they are usually made service-built. A Flutter-based healthcare app with useful features, including appointment scheduling, record viewing, medication reminders, and video visits with doctors.

Flutter widget library has many healthcare app templates that you can use to create stunning and high-performance healthcare apps. These templates are made on a robust platform that enables them to cater to the needs of healthcare practitioners and their respective patients on screens. 

Flutter healthcare apps are built with push notifications reminding you of your prescription schedules. You can build your personalized profiles to keep your medical history. 

Thanks to the repository owner for their work and dedication in creating and maintaining this project Their effort has contributed significantly to the community and positively impacted.

Flutter Education App

By offering a dynamic and engaging platform for Students, Teachers, and Institutions, the Flutter Education App Template is a game-changing solution with the potential to completely alter the face of education. This template uses the robustness of the Flutter framework to provide a solid groundwork for developing feature-rich, interactive educational apps that a wide range of students can use.

The template lets teachers use films, animations, quizzes, and interactive content to engage students. Performance data and instant feedback help students progress.

Thanks to the repository owner for their work and dedication in creating and maintaining this project! Their effort has contributed significantly to the community and has made a positive impact.

Flutter Payment App

Regarding cutting-edge financial technology, the Flutter Payment App Template is where it’s at. This groundbreaking solution streamlines payments, improves money management, and makes life easier for end users. This template, based on the sturdy Flutter framework, provides a solid basis for developing state-of-the-art payment apps that meet the demands of consumers and companies alike.

You can make a transaction all across the globe, anywhere, with a single click. Flutter payment apps also have features that could empower users to manage their accounts on screens. You don’t have to keep track of recurring payments because Flutter is at your service. Budgeting tools and interactive visualizations let users set goals, monitor expenditures, and make informed financial decisions. Contactless payments enable in-store purchases without cards.

Big thanks to the repository owner for their work and dedication in creating and maintaining this project! Their effort has contributed significantly to the community and positively impacted.

Travel App Flutter

The Flutter Travel App Template ushers in a new era of discovery by providing an interactive and customer-focused journey for the world’s most intrepid explorers.  The app’s sample content features a hand-picked selection of breathtaking locations from across the globe, such as bustling metropolises, tranquil natural settings, and little-known jewels. The app connects to several booking services so that users can easily reserve everything from flights to hotels without leaving the app.

Thanks to the repository owner for their work and dedication in creating and maintaining this project! Their effort has contributed significantly to the community and has made a positive impact.

Top Business Apps Made With the Flutter Framework

flutter framework

Google Ads

Flutter is used by Google Ads, a crucial advertising platform, to provide a user-friendly interface for the management and analysis of advertising campaigns. Flutter’s streamlined interface makes it simple for marketers to manage their campaigns.

eBay Motors

With the help of Flutter, eBay Motors provides a streamlined marketplace for purchasing and selling automobiles and car components. Users will have a better time shopping and exploring the car market because of Flutter’s responsive design.


iRobot, well-known for its cutting-edge robotic technology, has developed an app using Flutter, allowing customers to operate and manage their robotic devices for cleaning their homes. Because of its adaptability, Flutter provides an interface that is user-friendly to all devices.


Groupon, the most prominent online marketplace for deals and discounts, uses Flutter to deliver to its customers a seamless and interesting experience when it comes to finding and purchasing local deals, events, and items.


Rive is a design and animation tool that utilizes Flutter to provide its users with the ability to generate interactive animations and images for use in web and mobile applications. The adaptability of Flutter is one factor that leads to Rive’s intuitive user interface.

5 Startup Apps Made With the Flutter Framework



The Flutter-based software Fastic promotes health and well-being by providing users with individualized fasting, meditation, and mindful eating schedules. Users are assisted in adopting healthier habits supported by research.


Glints, is a platform for professional growth that uses Flutter to efficiently connect users with jobs, training, and contacts. It gives young working professionals the tools they need to succeed.

Hamilton App

Built on Flutter, the Hamilton app makes purchasing and managing theatrical tickets a breeze. It has a straightforward design lets users look into showtimes, locate available seats, and make safe reservations for the popular musical. Cast videos, karaoke versions of songs, and more are all available within the Hamilton app.


Polygon is a platform for the creative process that utilizes Flutter to facilitate creating, modifying, and disseminating eye-catching visuals and visual information. It makes graphic design easier and inspires new ideas.

GetEase App 

The GetEase app, developed using Flutter, is helpful since it provides on-demand wellness services like massages, yoga, and relaxation therapies right to the user’s door.

Quick Tips for Flutter Mobile App Development

  1. Utilize the Flutter widgets library to create visually stunning UI components.
  2. Design app layouts in such a way that they can adapt to various screen sizes by utilizing flexible layouts 
  3. Add multiple components and widgets to enhance the user experience of the application. 
  4. Choose an appropriate flutter state management solution for efficient data flow, organization, and enhanced app synchronization.
  5. Design your app for multiple languages and cultures to expand your user base.
  6. Prioritize accessibility by using semantic elements and making your app usable for everyone. 
  7. Engage with the community to get better insights into recent trends and flutter developments. 
  8. Use platform-specific widgets for Android and iOS design consistency.

Flutter Web Apps

Flutter has extended his prowess beyond mobile application development to web development. Since Flutter can be easily ported to online platforms, developers now have a real shot at making truly innovative Flutter web apps using the Flutter framework. Developers may use Flutter’s flexibility to build web apps that are both aesthetically appealing and responsive, drawing in users and enhancing their online interactions.

Flutter Web Development Creating a Flutter web app is the perfect synthesis of the limitless potential of the web with Flutter’s robust widget-driven design. This partnership makes it easier than ever for developers to bring their skills from mobile to the web and start crafting experiences that will keep people captivated no matter their device.

Flutter’s expressive widgets provide web interfaces with engaging layouts, animations, and interactive elements that scale beautifully across devices.

Applications of Flutter for Web Development

  • E-Commerce Solutions: Craft seamless and visually appealing online shopping experiences that resonate with customers, leading to higher conversions and customer engagement.
  • Dynamic Dashboards: Develop interactive and data-rich dashboards for businesses to monitor analytics, trends, and performance metrics in real time.
  • Media-Rich Platforms: Create immersive content-driven platforms with responsive media playback and interactive elements that captivate users’ attention.
  • Educational Portals: Design engaging e-learning platforms with interactive lessons, quizzes, and collaborative tools, enhancing the online learning experience.
  • Brand Showcases: Craft visually stunning websites that showcase brands, products, or services in a way that leaves a lasting impact on visitors.

Flutter Vs. React Native

flutter Vs react native

Is Flutter for Web and Mobile App Development Worth a Try?- What Do We Think?

Flutter is worth a try for both web development and mobile app development. Its unified codebase, expressive UI, hot reload feature, and consistent platform performance make it a powerful and efficient choice that accelerates development and delivers high-quality user experiences.

Where To Find The Flutter Development Company For Mobile Application Development? 

If you are a startup or a business who have just decided to create your digital presence, FlutterDesk is at your service. We offer exceptional Flutter mobile app development services that will turn your application idea into an unimaginable reality. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get your mobile or web application ready quickly. 

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