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Flutter in 2022: Strategy and Roadmap

Flutter always gives utmost priority to delivering a transparent and reliable experience to developers.  Each year Flutter goes through a proper planning process to set goals and areas of focus for the upcoming year. Having a look at Flutter’s strategy and roadmap is the best way to make your development career more productive.

During the present times, businesses are exploring newer and better investment opportunities. You will come across thousands of ideas and every next idea would buzz around an app. Because in this era of digital advancement, every next task of our daily life depends upon an app.

While many other business trends are going on, app development would be one of the top 3 for sure. Owing to this, technological frameworks intend to present the best possible platforms to developers for building beautiful, fast, productive, and scalable apps.

That’s what flutter possesses among its other qualities. Flutter is an open-source single codebase development framework that offers an easy and fast process for native as well as cross-platform app development.

Recently, Flutter shared its annual strategy and roadmap document with the community for the first time. Usually, product teams keep such documents private as they may contain commercially-sensitive information or refer to areas of competitive advantage. However, as an open-source project, Flutter believes that transparency is a virtue. And it allows greater trust in the future in long run. It allows others to make plans with better clarity as to how their investments may connect to them.

Flutter Strategy Planning and Goals in 2022

The key strategic objective of Flutter strategy and roadmap in 2022 is the growth of monthly active users. Developers leverage the network effects experienced by their tools of choice. According to their theory, a framework having a single developer working on is not fruitful even if it has the perfect features. On the other hand, even a normal SDK will have a healthy ecosystem if it is used by a large of developers. Thus, the growth of a platform is necessary for developers.

Flutter intends to grow in the following ways:

Improving Developer Experience

As there are different solutions available when we have to opt for a platform to develop apps, using Dart and Flutter is not the only solution available. For example, Swift and SwiftUI are the default solutions for iOS development. Similarly, Kotlin and Jetpack Compose are the default solutions for Android development. And for web development, we use HTML and JavaScript.

Because using Dart and Flutter is voluntary, people will only go for it if they want to. And they will only opt for it if the experience of using these products is superb. Flutter always values delivering an optimal development experience. Factors like runtime performance, memory usage, and time will earn the respect of developers.

This is what Flutter strategy and roadmap in 2022 are all about. It’s a slow but steady relocation, since it may involve changing employers, finishing projects, finding new projects, and so forth.

Flutter has several benefits over other platforms. For instance, if a framework has poor-quality API docs. It is difficult to improve the quality across the board. Flutter took several other steps to deliver the optimal developer experience. It includes:

  1. Raising the level of idea generation so that developers have creative freedom and can benefit from more work from others.
  2. To provide new features by which developers can find ways to solve any issue or problem caused while the development.
  3. Addressing bugs that are already detected as harming the developer experience, such as fixing instances where the hot reload feature doesn’t work.
  4. Adorning and smoothing the onboarding experience so that the users actively come back for more.

Covering Development Across All 6 Platforms

Initially, Flutter was available for mobile application development only. Although Flutter doesn’t compromise on quality, there was a need of expanding to other platforms too.

Witnessing the extreme potential of web and desktop apps, Flutter promised to expand to these platforms too. This is the story of 2 years back. Flutter has now fulfilled the promise of expanding its availability across Windows, desktop, and web apps too.

The growing mobile community of Flutter is already satisfied with its functionality and perks. Still, flutter focuses on maintaining a high-quality experience for mobile developers. Moreover, Flutter has also considered valuing Android developers’ concerns that they are looking for continued investments in Material, support for new hardware features and form factors, and better integration with Jetpack libraries and Kotlin code.

Flutter released its first stable release for web apps in 2021 and it is too early to predict its success. But still, the Flutter web app development market is huge (10m) and Flutter is offering something distinctive for web application developers.

Flutter has designed the web infrastructure in such a way that it targets Canvas and WebGPU resulting in a smooth web app development. Moreover, flutter promises to support Web Assembly in the future.

Last, but not least, desktop apps are one of the major growth opportunities in 2022. Although flutter is available across all the app development platforms, the experience with Flutter on the desktop has been commendable. This encourages flutter to contribute more (even financially) to the betterment of a broader ecosystem for desktops. Flutter lays a key objective of completing their work and delivering stable releases to each platform in 2022. Additionally, flutter showed interest in expanding and polishing its offering as it has done on other platforms.

Security Fundamentals

In addition to uplifting active developer growth, Flutter also needs to continue to monitor security issues and products against regulations.

Undoubtedly, Flutter has given utmost priority to a safe and sound development environment. But maintaining quality is all that defines the ultimate success.  

As Flutter offers development across all platforms, it is going to be challenging to handle security concerns. Moreover, the testing infrastructure will also need proper management.

Different open-source projects have been targeted for security vulnerabilities, npm is an example. And with Flutter’s popularity, there is no reason to assume that it is not also an active target.

Owing to this, Flutter strengthened its borders and will continue to increase the robustness of its build system, with code signing enabled for all public releases that it produces as well as reproducible builds.

Flutter Roadmap in 2022

Flutter is a fast, easy, and single codebase development platform that facilitates mobile (Android, iOS), Desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS), and web app development. It uses Dart language to build apps.

Here is a quick go-through of the roadmap in 2022.

Learn Dart basics

In order to build apps using Flutter, you need to learn the dart language first. Dart is a powerful programming language to build apps faster.

You can easily get familiar with the dart language after reading the guide available on dart’s official website.

Basics of Flutter and its widgets

You need to learn about fewer basics of flutter to start coding. There are different features available in Flutter which have their respective functions.
Moreover, learning how to create widgets is the next and most important step. Because everything you see inside flutter is a widget.

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Functionalities and navigation in Flutter

Learn the functionalities and navigations in Flutter. For practice, create two text fields and implement functionalities like add or subtract. Create different elements like an interest calculator, and BMI calculator, create a login page, the home page, and implement navigation.

Learn Firebase

You can add different options like sign-in with google, send notifications, store data in servers and do various AI / Machine learning-related tasks. It will add extra benefits to your profile.

There are many other parameters that

you have to know about. Don’t worry, you’re going to make it sooner or later. Because it is not difficult to learn flutter. Read an easy beginner’s guide to learn flutter.

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That was pretty much it for Flutter strategy and roadmap in 2022. I hope you’ll find this useful and it help you in your app development journey.

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