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How To Convince Your Boss To Move To Flutter?

Convince your boss to say “yes” to your great idea is a tricky one but not a complicated thing to perform. Your boss may run to you to adopt the same strategy they’re using from the times, and it’s beneficial for their business too. But if you give your statement in a way that upholds the positivity of their business, there are more chances to adopt new things. FlutterDesk is amazing, a revolution in mobile development. And revolutionized things are better for any business to grow. In this blog, we will learn about the challenges faced to do so, why your boss is still hesitant to make the switch and thebenefits of learning flutter app development. So let’s get started!

Workplace Challenges

Every workplace has different challenges to face when switching to something new. People make lots of mistakes in their way, but the boss and senior developers provide mentorship to their learning way. The senior developers or boss training are something worthwhile. This expertise and leadership are critical to delivering high-quality software on time. And their mind to adopt any new technology is as critical as having any hope of using new technology in the workplace. 

You might face the same challenges to convince your boss if you’re landing on this blog. Now you’re managing things with your boss to show the real value of flutter web app development while making some notes for developing an app in itI enjoy working in Flutter a lot and share my interest with my other developers. You make sounds when the language/framework you’re using at work doesn’t support hot-reloading or won’t let you type into the IDE while the app is running. Your excitement is admirable and perhaps even contagious, but it could work against you when discussing the possibility of using Flutter at work. To convince your boss, here’re something we can do for you. 

5 Ways To Convince Your Boss To Agree To Your Idea

Senior developers or bosses are always ready to listen to new innovative ideas that bring positivity to the workplace and grow the business. They take an interest when you come up to them with new ideas to learn and use new technology and language outside you are using at the workplace. There may be a chance that your negotiation with your boss can’t reach a specific conclusion. In each section, we will examine why your boss is always reluctant to use Flutter. 

1- Flutter & Dart are quite new

Dart is quite a new programming language, and most developers are unaware of it. Dart is not much popular until the arrival of Flutter, a framework. With the help of Flutter, Dart language makes their ways to upstand its roots in the development market. Do you have any idea while trying to convince your boss if he has ever heard about Dart language or flutter framework? The possibilities are less, but if you have clear flourishing thoughts about it in the development industry, make an excellent presentation and clarify business profit in it. Then, your boss can say yes to your genius idea. 

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2- Compare Dart language with other languages

Dart is a comparatively new tool in the developing industry and contains great support from google and various other popular features compared with Java Script. Although both are used as cross-platform, Dart is only used for developing the front end of cross-platform mobile applications. On the other side, Java is used for server-side cross-applications with back-end development. Since the arrival of Flutter in google, I/O dart has got attention from mobile developers as an alternative to React Native. Dart syntax is similar to JS, but even experienced developers get confused while getting a solution to any problem; that’s why they prefer JS over Dart. But DartDart saves developers time and cost as compared to JS or other languages. 

3- Convince your boss it’s worth the time

Some bosses feel that switching to another programing language takes too much time, but the reality is true too. It takes time, but it contains fluency, short time, and big achievement. Thinking about how much time it would take, a few hours a day can be a great bonus for your business to grow. Although you need experienced Dart developers in your learning journey, you will get much more. Flutter and Dart are comparatively new, but most popular organizations use them and save time due to cross-platform and single codebase output. Most organizations have happy faces and minds while adopting Flutter at their workplace. 

4- Tell the benefits of it your boss

Flutter and DartDart contain several different benefits over their competitors. One of the best benefits is that it has one codebase for all platforms, which saves developers time and cost. It contains widgets with the best UI styles. It contains rich graphics libraries, which means it redraws the UI every time it changes. The graphics libraries are fast and mature to run. The other great feature of using Flutter has a “hot-reload” option. It means there’s no need to reload the app when you perform every single activity in it. It makes Flutter app development services much easier and quicker. Dart is another best programing language after JavaScript. Dart is easy to understand and enforces OOP (object-oriented programming). The compilers of DartDart are quick and reliable. It contains clean and typeface syntax, classes, and objects. It contains a strong developer community like Google itself. 

5- Show the Big Picture

Switching to another programming language like Flutter immediately benefits the organization and increases its competitiveness in the international market over the long term. It demonstrates a commitment to your present and potential customers that your workers and management are prepared to invest their time in the company’s training. A company’s network will be much more extensive if its staff are proficient in learning, providing it with a better understanding of global events and enabling it to adjust its operations to suit the needs of the numerous cities where it operates. Setting up a training session for your business can help you recruit more talent from outside. International workers will be more likely to want to work for your company and feel welcome if they know they will have plenty of opportunities to learn new programming languages. 

Testing in Flutter

You must figure out how to develop high-quality tests that you can integrate into your CI/CD pipelines if you wish to use Flutter at work. Fortunately, I really enjoy testing in Flutter because it allows for anything from basic unit tests to comprehensive integration tests, as well as running a test on a real device. If you’re anything like me, you’d rather develop the shiny app than spend time writing tests. Flutter talks very well about whether it is widgets or integration testing. Everything has its own charm doing testing in a flutter. 

Every Workplace is Unique

Every workplace contains different rules and strategies and is quite different from other workplaces. When it comes to switching to another programming language, it faces different challenges. Give it a shot though, worth it’s it! You may be well-positioned for some intriguing future chances in mobile development if you are successful and if Flutter survives.

Wrap Up

Convincing your boss to say yes to your ideas to switch to Flutter is worth it. Every boss looks at its business reach when it comes to adopting completely new technology. Everybody faces different challenges, and each challenge should be solved in a friendly manner so that it can be a great picture or a big idea for your boss to adopt new technology. The future of Flutter developers is vast and secure. Flutter will flourish a lot in the future and will be on-demand. I hope you enjoy a lot while going through this article to convince your boss to switch to Flutter. 

Bashir Ahmad

Bashir Ahmad

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